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Amitavati could be said to be in permanent 'retreat mode' where a pattern of activities takes place and visitors can come and go, join in or do their own thing.
There might be four or five people living here at any one time.
One of these could be undertaking a solitary retreat for which facilities will be available shortly.
From time to time however, groups of up to 14 are organised (see programme) and retreats are run along more specific lines:
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Working retreats

' The Olive Harvest '
A winter working retreat 25th of November - 2nd of December 2016


Come and help us harvest our 250 olive-laden trees here this December, and find refreshment and inspiration living simply in a place of natural beauty and peace. There will be:

  • About 5 hours of work a day, mainly olive picking (with the possibility of a little light building work, gardening, painting, firewood collection).
  • We will offer two meditations a day, with instruction as required for beginners.
  • From 1-4pm there will be free time for you to spend as you want - there are beautiful walks in the hills and pine forests that surround Amitavati.
  • In the evenings there will be a range of creative and practise-based activities, including discussions on meditation and spiritual practice, free time, poetry readings, improvised percussion - and ritual or mantra chanting as we all want.

This is an opportunity to live as a community during this working retreat, sharing meals and basic chores. Meditations are optional.
There is comfortable sleeping accommodation in the house in shared rooms (we also have 2 single rooms). It is also possible to camp but be aware the temperatures drop at night!
So, come and enjoy the lovely hills of the Serrania!

  • Programme outline:
  • 7.00 Rise
  • 7.30 Meditation
  • 8.30 Breakfast
  • 9.30 Work Period
  • 11.30 Tea-break
  • 12.00 Work Period
  • 1.00   Lunch
  • Free time
  • 4.00 - 6.00   Work Period
  • 6.30  Meditation
  • 7.30  Supper
  • from 8.00  Personal time or other creative or practice-based activity

Remember, this is a working retreat, and that you need to consider yourself fit and well enough to do the work! (If unsure please talk this over with us before booking).

Cost: 70 euros for the week (80 euros for a single room)
We can be flexible on this, as well as on minor adjustments of dates. For travel to & from Amitavati see "Getting There".

Meditation retreats


'Passionate Presence'

Mindfulness Meditation and Focussing Retreat
Led by Suryacitta
Wednesday 15th - 22nd May 2013

with Vidyasri, Suratna, and Gaynor


Mindfulness meditation is not just a practice of paying attention but includes kindness toward oneself and other people. As we practice and find ourselves here and now a deep intuitive opening happens which brings sweetness and appreciation of beauty in simplicity. We become our own source of joy.
Meditation is giving ourselves space for having a passionate, authentic experience of ourselves as we are, right here and now. In this space we can "see" how the "self" is re-created moment by moment through thought.

NEVER TURN AWAY Looking at how to accept all those "unacceptable" parts of ourselves and bring ourselves to a place of rest

LIVING IN THE TIGER'S MOUTH Working with difficult emotions

WHO ARE YOU? Looking beyond thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and seeing who you really are
There will be meditation, walking meditation, short talks from Suryacitta and question and answer sessions.
The retreat is suitable for people with at least one years experience of meditation. If you have less that 1 years experience, but would like to come please do contact Suryacitta.



Cost: 285,- euros.




Drumming Days

Sunday, October 20th-Saturday, October 26th, 2013 Led by Jay Hougham

Usually 10.30 - 5.00 either at Amitavati or at the river in Valencia. A programme of about 3 hours drumming workshop each day - African djembe playing, with percussion. There is free time in which you can do what you want: go for walks, swims, relax. No need to bring drums as we have plenty. Please bring food to share. We may be able to arrange a lift for you but there is a bus from Valencia to Villar-del-Arzobispo. You can bring children if they can play amongdt themselves and you provide food. If they want to take part in the drumming there is a charge of 15 (or 10) euros per child.
Please make reservations with Vidyasri or Suratna:
Tel: 96 2134428 or 659401036 or email

Shaman's Path

Retreats exploring, deepening and celebrating our relationship with nature and ourselves, using the ancient practise of 'shamanic journeying', rituals with the elements: earth, water, fire and air, and some traditional Buddhist meditation practices.

Painting and Sculpture

Painting and Sculpting

A programme of optional morning and evening meditations, with periods of painting in different mediums, such as oil, water-colour and acrylics led by experienced and professional artists; and sculpting in stone and wood. For both beginners and those with experience. Also free time to do as you wish - enjoy walks, swims, relaxation.

Cockeral Suratna